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September 25th, 2012

The Brazilian Death Metal outfit Drowned will release on September 4 the follow up to 2011’s Belligerent Part II full-length. The new album is actually a prequel to last year’s release and is aptly entitled Belligerent Part I The album contains ten official tracks as well as two bonus tracks. From a stylistic perspective, Belligerent Pat One follows the pattern found in Belligerent Part One of pure technical Death/Thrash Metal terror mixing the styles found in bands such as Carcass, and Kreator. However, this new album spirals the band down a darker path with themes that lay bare the festered wounds of war such as misery, hunger, humiliation, revenge, and corruption.

The album can be ordered here

Tracklist :

01 – The Miserable End Begins
02 – Save The Last Tyrants
03 – United We Can Be Killers
04 – Tomorrow Belongs To Death
05 – The Payback Engine
06 – All Hope Lead Us To The End
07 – Violence Is A Profitable Trade
08 – Blood Raid
09 – Labels For Mass Murders
10 – Knocking On Hell’s Door
11 – Come And Taste The Victory (2012 version)
12 – Hell March (2012 version)

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