Greyhaze Records: a metal record label based in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Hailing from the southern Brazilian city of Curitiba, Amen Corner spews forth a radical representation of the bleakest and most depressive Brazilian pagan Black Metal. The messages to be delivered by this group’s manifestations are those of funeral hatred punctuated by somber and desolate aural assaults, drinking from the tar pits of bands such as Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer, Bolt Thrower, and Possessed.
Carrying its filthy satanic agenda since 1993, Amen Corner has presented a total of 6 releases, three of which are available through Cogumelo/Greyhaze: 1993’s classic Fall, Ascension, Domination/The Final Celebration (remastered from original master tapes and joined in one CD), and their latest release from 2010: the masterful Leviathan Destroyer.
If you have not yet experienced Amen Corner , you should definitely take the journey into the dark valley of despair created by this South American twisted giant. Anguish and distress await you!
Sucoth Benoth – vocals
Murmurio – lead and rhythm guitar
War Master – drums
Shaitan Tonny- bass


Amen Corner – Diabolic Possession by greyhazerecords


Music Video – Leviathan Destroyer

AMEN CORNER – Leviathan Destroyer (Official Video) from Estúdio Avant Garde on Vimeo.


Amen Corner – Leviathan Destroyer CD

Amen Corner – Fall Ascension Domination CD

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