Greyhaze Records: a metal record label based in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Cirrhosis was founded in 1988 by none other than Wagner Antichrist (Sarcófago). Their purpose was to approach Death Metal in a brutal yet technical way. It turned out that Antichrist soon left to return to Sarcófago, but the band carried on. Cirrhosis stabilized its line-up with Juarez (bass), Luiz Fernando (vocal), Rodrigo and Marlon (guitars), and Fernando (drums). This team signed with Cogumelo Records, which released a split-album with Loucyfer dubbed Alcohol Rules. The band toured extensively, and soon received international recognition. Unfortunately, in 1993, the band split due to internal differences.
Like a relapsing cancer Chirrosis resurrected in 2001 with a new line-up: Juarez (vocal/bass), Fernando (drums), Marcos and Henrique (guitars/backing vocals). Shortly after the first rehearsals they managed to sign once again with Cogumelo for the release of a new studio album.

Alcoholic Death Noise, produced by Geraldo Minelli (Sarcófago), is a knock out! Stabbing guitar riffs, morbid rhythm guitars, and insane jackhammer drumming. The album’s themes are diverse: misery and starvation, dying children; bizarre sex, and drunken life as the true reality of life’s dark side. In short, Alcoholic Death Noise shows the crudeness of Brazilian Death Metal as a reflection of a rotten and corrupted society. The band’s version to Sarcófago’s Midnight Queen pays a masterful tribute to the origins of this formidable band.
Drinks from Hell, released in 2009, continues Cirrhosis’ tradition of the purest old school Death Metal, their trademark since the beginning. So, soak your liver in rubbing alcohol and embark on this journey to a slow and painful death!


Cirrhosis – Invasion of the Faith by greyhazerecords


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Cirrhosis – Drinks from Hell CD

Cirrhosis – Alcoholic Death Noise CD

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