Greyhaze Records: a metal record label based in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Defacer has a memorable history in the Brazilian Black Metal Scene. Since its first release, the band’s strength is punctuated by their utmost aversion to Christianity, and all insanities that affect followers of this manipulative religion.

The band was founded in 1993, and its current lineup is Incredulous Cataclysm (vocal, keyboards), Messenger of Darkness (guitar), Guardian of the Forest (drums), Lord Ayperos (bass) and Mort (guitar).

Its latest album, “Beyond the Mountains”, is a clear evolution compared to its previous releases, reassuring its occult ideology and dark inclination to the nocturnal mysteries of Nature. The album comprises seven Black Metal compositions, all of which obscure, strong and ideologically engaged. With heavy and somber moments galore and an extremely powerful vocal performance Defacer is sure to please all dark metal fans.


Defacer – Heretic Hate by greyhazerecords


Defacer – Beyond the Mountains CD

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