Greyhaze Records: a metal record label based in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Formed in Gainesville, FL starting in late 2007, HOT GRAVES came together to create a caveman metal/punk hybrid that takes the best elements of Crust, Thrash, Black, Doom, and Death Metal and smashes them thru the D-Beat machine. The mission was easily accomplished, and what started as a side band (for members of By The Horns and Thee Kvlt ov Ouroboros) took on new life as more and more shows were booked, more and more filth spread around, more hymns to death, destruction, and devil metal were written, and more blistering guitar solos burned holes in eardrums. In 2008, two demos were recorded and released, the second more raw, ferocious and feral than the first (these are now compiled on one CD). The GRAVES hit the road and explored the Southern regions of America, battling weather conditions, strange venues, and bible belt weirdos at every turn, always emerging victorious. 2009 saw more touring about, much more songwriting, and a refinement of RIFF VISION, so when 2010 rolled around, hell was more than ready to break loose. Festival appearances, an East Coast Tour, and recording an entire LP were all accomplished in short order, and now HOT GRAVES stands poised to bring the D-Beat fury to the depraved masses with full force (and maybe even a pink guitar). IS YOU READY???


Myk Colby – Guitars and Vocals
Tim Hutchens – Bass
Matt Rosario – Drums


Hot Graves – Desecration Time by greyhazerecords


Music Video – Desecration Time


Hot Graves – Desecration Time

Hot Graves – Knights In White Phosphorus CD

Hot Graves – Desecration Time T-shirt

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