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EXPLUSER ‘The Unholy One’ coming on CD, Vinyl, and Cassette

January 31st, 2018


Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the reissue of The Unholy One, the debut album by EXPULSER on April 13. Originally released in 1992 by Cogumelo Records, this once rare album is again available on CD, LP and cassette. The Unholy One‘s audio has been completely restored and remastered from the original master reels. Visually, the album features restored and expanded artwork including liner notes by founding member Alessandro Lima. The LP version will feature 180-gram vinyl as well as a double insert and poster. The CD version will feature three bonus tracks from the Fornications EP.

A relic from the high time of Brazilian Heavy Metal, EXPULSER‘s The Unholy One is one of the last masterworks of the first wave of classic bands from the State of Minas Gerais. Feeding upon the sound of Sarcófago and Sextrash, EXPULSER generated its own breed of noise, eventually finding itself a spot amongst the great names of South American Death and Black. For those into SEX, DRINKS, AND METAL!

EXPULSER is a Death/Black Metal band that formed in the small city of Lavras in the countryside of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The band had a short-lived, yet well punctuated career, having released a few demos and two, very notable records: Their debut full-length, The Unholy One and a split EP dubbed Fornications. Despite its quick appearance and disappearance from the Brazilian Metal scene, EXPULSER was able to make a strong and lasting impression with their two outings. Greyhaze Records is now reviving The Unholy One in vinyl, CD, and Cassette formats.

Track Listing:

  1. Praise To The Almighty God
  2.  Cirrhosis (Let’s Get Drunk)
  3.  Bleeding At Cross
  4.  Fornications (At The Church)
  5.  The Unholy One
  6.  Screams Of Delight
  7.  Christ’s Saga
  8.  The Evil Orgasm
  9.  Gore Pussy Of Virgin
  10.  The Slut
  11.  Vomiting In Paradise*
  12.  The Offensor*
  13. No Ressurrection*

* CD only tracks

Sarcofago Die…Hard!!! T-shirt now available – Immediate Shipping!

December 30th, 2017

Late in 2017, Greyhaze Records received the artwork files for a long-awaited collaboration between the Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak and the one and only Sarcófago. The artwork was to be used for the confection of a limited-edition slipcase for the massive, 2xLP version of the only official Sarcófago demos collection entitled Die…Hard!!!. The artwork depicted an iconic theme from Sarcofago’s earliest years: the Satanic Lust demo cover. As was to be expected, the artwork generated very positive feedback and Greyhaze received many requests for said artwork to be put into a t-shirt.

As such, following the Die…Hard!!! slipcase release, Greyhaze Records is now issuing an official t-shirt featuring the Bielak artwork as it was depicted in the slipcase. The back of the shirt features the album title: DIE…HARD!!!



SPECIAL NOTE: Sarcófago has been criminally bootlegged over the years and we appreciate you buying this t-shirt, which is the ONLY officially sanctioned piece of merchandise for the Die…Hard!!! Album. Say no to bootleggers!

Expulser – Fornications EP – Now available

October 26th, 2017

Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the November 2 vinyl reissue of Fornications from Brazilian underground legends EXPULSER. The album will be available on both black and translucent red vinyl and can be pre-ordered at by clicking here!

Fornications is the first progeny of this cult Brazilian band. Originally released in 1990 on a split EP with the band Brutal Distortion on France’s Maggot Records. This time around, the release comes with a powerful remastering and stand-alone 180-gram vinyl packaging.



Track Listing:

A1. Vomiting in Paradise

B1. The Offensor

B2. No Ressurrection

Exterminator – Total Extermination – Now Available

August 6th, 2017

Originally released in 1987, Exterminator’s Total Extermination is an interesting album having become an unholy grail of the very deep underground. It was originally pressed in minuscule quantities (for 1980’s standards), never really had any type of proper distribution or promotional effort behind it. It just sort of appeared in the world and circulated in the worldwide Metal trading community. It is not well produced, and it is not well performed. It is loved by many and hated by many in equal measure. Regardless, it is relevant enough to have carved its own space and to have survived over the decades.

Of main importance, though, is the fact that this album came out right there, as one of the early sparks of Brazilian and South American Heavy Metal, decades ago. It was the first official record released by KRUEGER who would go on to be a founding member of the mighty SEXTRASH. And it would showcase, to the deepest degree, aspects that would become marks of early Brazilian Metal: total, utter, and out of control savagery. As such, this album is now reemerging for those who wish to take a deeper plunge into the infamous Minas Gerais, Brazil, early Metal movement. We’ve taken immense care to restore the audio of the album so that every nuance of Total Extermination’s madness could be captured for you to hear. We hope you enjoy the reissue.

A note on the artwork: Due to the fact that this reissue is being mass distributed worldwide through a variety of distributors, and due to the laws of some countries which prohibit the display of swastikas, the ones present on the album have been removed. 



Sarcofago Die Hard Slipcase – Update

July 9th, 2017

We have finally received the artwork for the SARCOFAGO – DIE HARD slipcase. I believe you will agree that it was worth the wait. The artwork takes us back to the very beginning of Sarcofago – The SATANIC LUST demo as the center piece.

The artwork is in house and we will now proceed to print and ship them to those who have ordered it. It won’t be much longer now. There will soon be t-shirts of this design as well. We ask for a bit more of patience as we get the items printed. As soon as they are ready to ship, we will let you know.

Thanks Zbyszek Bielak for creating such an excellent artwork!


May 3rd, 2017

AMPÜTATOR – DEATHCULT BARBARIC HELL – Available on the vinyl for the first time! To order, click here or on any of the pictures below. 


NERVOCHAOS Release 360 Video for “Ritualistic”

March 26th, 2017

Brazilian Extreme Metallers NERVOCHAOS have released a 360 video for “Ritualistic,” a song from forthcoming album Nyctophilia. The video was directed by Angela Rodrigues and Jackson Kleber with filming/editing by Adonai Filmes, photography by Victor Ponce, Art Direction by Lu Bueno, and Color Grading by Marcelo Cosme. Experience it firsthand at this location.

NERVOCHAOS has returned! Nyctophilia is the seventh studio album by the Brazilian extreme metal kings and will be released on April 7, 2017 through Cogumelo Records in Brazil, and Greyhaze Records in North America and Europe. A lyric video for new song “Moloch Rise” is available at this location and the official video for “Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam” can be viewed here.


Nyctophilia is an eclectic mix of all that characterizes the band, 13 new tracks of 80s-fueled blackened extreme music, executed in NERVOCHAOS’ trademark raw, aggressive and organic style of Metal. Nyctophilia has a new intensity and is a step forward compared to their older releases.

For the first time, the band recorded the album outside Brazil, spending a month in Como/Italy at Alpha Omega Studio along with producer Alex Azzali, who also did mixing and mastering of the new album. It’s also the first album composed and recorded with the new line-up which features Lauro ‘Nightrealm’ on vocal/guitar, Cherry on guitar, Thiago ‘Anduscias’ on bass and the only remaining original member Edu Lane on drums.

The album artwork was created by Alcides Burn, a talented Brazilian artist that worked with acts such as Blood Red Throne, Acheron, Iconoclasm, Headhunter DC and many more. Nyctophilia also features special guest vocals appearance by Sebastian L. of INTO DARKNESS and Leandro P. of R.N.S. plus one track, “Vampiric Cannibal Goddess,” that features the riffs of Bolverk (RAGNAROK).

Nyctophilia surely is the best album up-to-date from NERVOCHAOS, which managed to evolve musically without losing its trademark sound.

“If there is anything more extreme than this it must be found in the bowels of hell amid flames hotter than a cemetery incinerator!”
– RAM Zine

“Pure death metal doctrine.”
– Rock Castle Franken

Mutilator – Immortal Force – now available on LP, CD, and Digital

January 14th, 2017

We now have MUTILATOR – IMMORTAL FORCE – availabe for immediate shipping! Order by clicking here!

The Greyhaze LP reissue of this album brings the following features:

– Restored and remastered audio

– Faithful reproduction of the original LP jacket featuring foil on the band’s logo and album title (as in the original)

– Original insert

– Poster

– Available in black vinyl and white vinyl

The album is also available in the following formats:

– Standard Jewel Case CD

– Test Pressing LP (10 units)

– Original 1987 Cogumelo pressing (15 units) – These are mint copies

– Digital – order via our Bandcamp page

Holiday Break – Sarcofago Die Hard

December 16th, 2016

Greyhaze will be closed starting 12/16 and will return on 01/09. You can still place orders but they will be shipped after 01/09. Thank you for a great year!

Regarding Sarcofago Die Hard – Bielak slipcase. We are still waiting to receive them from Bielak. As soon as they arrive here we will ship immediately to you. If you have questions about it, feel free to e-mail and we will respond as soon as possible! We apologize for this delay.


The Mist – Phantasmagoria – Coming soon on CD/LP/Cassette

October 26th, 2016

Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the forthcoming reissue of THE MIST’s Phantasmagoria on February 3, 2017. The Brazilian Thrashers originally released this amazing album in 1989. Featuring the influential vocals of Vladmir Korg (original singer of CHAKAL) and the pure thrash fury for which Brazil is known, Phantasmagoria will now get a proper worldwide release on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette formats, a long-awaited offering to all true fans of the genre!

Upon its 1989 release Phantasmagoria was a departure from what was being done by bands from the City of Belo Horizonte up to that point. The album showed a Thrash attack that was as vicious as it was precise. Drummer Cristiano Salles’ relentless thrash beat coupled with Korg’s unmistakable higher-pitched guttural vocals set the tone of an album that had everything to become a big album. Sadly, it was not to achieve the recognition that it deserved. Over the years it circulated through the Metal world as somewhat of an obscure collector’s item. Now with this Greyhaze reissue, Phantasmagoria gets its overdue North American and European official release!


Track Listing:
1. Flying Saucers in the Sky
2. Smiles, Tears and Chaos
3. A Step into the Dark
4. The Enemy
5. Hate
6. Barbed Wire Land (At War)
7. Phantasmagoria
8. Lightning in the Dark
9. Like a Bad Song
10. Faces of Glass