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Warfather’s New Album now streaming in full at Revolver Magazine!

January 30th, 2014

Revolver Magazine is streaming Warfather’s Orchestrating the Apocalypse in its entirety. Check it out AT THIS LOCATION.

The debut release from ex-Morbid Angel bassist/vocalist Steve Tucker’s endtime death metal outfit,WARFATHER, is upon the masses, as Greyhaze Records released the mighty Orchestrating The Apocalypseon January 21st in North America, and its February 24th European release is closing in.

Acclaim from around the globe on the devastating yet atmospheric Orchestrating The Apocalypse is raining in, the album winning over diehard critics, and fans of all eras of Morbid Angel. Trading in his bass to handle all guitar and vocal duties with WARFATHER, Tucker recruited a crew of internationally-based executioners to complete the lineup, the collective meeting at Cincinnati-based TME Studios to record their brutal, apocalyptic vision with Tucker handling recording duties. Finalized at Maor Appelbaum Mastering, Orchestrating The Apocalypse hellishly dispatches a dozen tracks which expand upon the three Tucker-fronted Morbid Angel albums —Formulas Fatal To The Flesh, Gateways To Annihilation and Heretic.

With the album now infiltrating the airwaves, Revolver Magazine is broadcasting the Orchestrating The Apocalypse message in its decimating entirety AT THIS LOCATION.

Warfare Noise Vinyl and Mystifier CD/DVD available for preorder

January 27th, 2014

We’re proud to announce that two incredible reissues are now available for preorder: Mystifyer WICCA on deluxe CD/DVD and Warfare Noise on 12-inch vinyl.

Release date for both albums is February 18 (US) and February 24 (Europe).

Warfare Noise 12-inch.

This classic and long-out of print gem has undergone a complete restoration and is now available with totally restored and remastered audio. This Greyhaze exclusive audio treatment is not available anywhere else. The sound is pristine and exactly like the original 1986 recording. On the same note, the album packaging was also completely restored and brought back to its original glory in crystal clear design for the jacket and original insert. As an added bonus, we’ve added the original poster/flyer from the Warfare Noise concert which featured all Warfare Noise bands (Holocausto, Chakal, Sarcofago, and Mutilator). Available in classic black vinyl as well as translucent orange vinyl.

Warfare Noise

Perorder here!

Mystifier WICCA – CD/DVD deluxe digipak.

Mystifier is one the most savage Black/Death bands to come out of Brazil. We went all out to bring a fully restored and remastered deluxe CD/DVD of this classic album. This CD/DVD package features the WICCA album plus two bonus tracks. The DVD contains two full concerts by Mystifier: Live in Berlin (Nuclear War Now Fest) and Live in Salvador. All of this material is housed in a beautiful 6-panel digipak which also includes a 16-page booklet. There are lots of photos and other visuals.

Preorder here!

WARFATHER: Invisible Oranges Track Now Streaming

January 13th, 2014

WARFATHER, the apocalyptic death metal mercenary outfit formed and fronted by ex-Morbid Angel devastator Steve Tucker, is preparing to release their Orchestrating The Apocalypse debut set to inundate North and South America on January 21st and in Europe on February 24th via Greyhaze Records.

The product of several years of envisioning, constructing and executing, all culminated into a dozen mechanically devastating battle anthems, WARFATHER’sOrchestrating The Apocalypse contains over forty minutes of debilitating death structures, off-time and angular sweeps and belittling blastbeats, showcasing Tucker handling vocals and guitars, having recruited a crew of metal militia from around the globe to execute his cruel new musical insurrection to fruition.

Invisible Oranges is propagating the WARFATHER initiative, housing an exclusive broadcast of “The Shifting Poles” nowAT THIS LOCATION.

Decibel also recently unveiled the album’s “My Queen Shall Not Be Mourned” RIGHT HERE.

Over a decade after his departure from Morbid Angel, and over two years since his participation as a vocalist and writer in the well-received Nader Sadek project, Steve Tucker’s WARFATHER clan united at Cincinnati-based TME Studios to recordOrchestrating The Apocalypse with Tucker handling recording duties, the final product mastered by Maor Appelbaum. The album brutalizes in a relentless style that builds on the work laid on the three Tucker-fronted Morbid Angel albums — Formulas Fatal To The Flesh, Gateways To Annihilation and Heretic – delivering an intense, debilitating performance while infusing unique even bizarre atmospheric elements.

WARFATHER will declare live offensives and more as 2014 progresses; stand by for further transmissions. Preorders for Orchestrating The Apocalypse are available viaGreyhaze Records and Earsplit Distro now.

Mystifer track stream now available!

January 9th, 2014

Apoch’s Metal Review and Greyhaze Records present the exclusive premiere of MYSTIFIER’s “An Elizabethan Devil-Worshiper’s Prayer Book.” The track comes off the Greyhaze Records deluxe CD/DVD digipak reissue of Wicca, the now classic debut from this highly influential Brazilian black metal band.

Stream the track now at this location

After a long and meticulous restoration process, Greyhaze Records will release a deluxe CD/DVD digipak reissue of
Wicca, the debut album from influential Brazilian Black Metal act MYSTIFIER.
Release dates are February 18 for the U.S. and February 24 for Europe. Preorder info is forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.

Wicca was originally released in the early 90s and has seen a few reissues by labels worldwide. However, for many years, the album has been out of print. The audio portion of this release will feature, aside from the full album, bonus tracks not before available in any previous version. The DVD will contain two concerts by the band: One performed in Germany during the Nuclear War Now Festival and the other performed in their hometown of Salvador, Brazil. Visually, the digipak will feature a new graphics layout as well as old photos from the band. A vinyl version of the album is also to follow.

MYSTIFIER is currently making plans for the “Old Hymns for World Domination” World Tour 2014 that will see the band playing material off of Wicca and its 1993 follow-up, Goetia. The tour will include stops at Norway’s Inferno Festival as well Germany’s Legacy Open Air. Confirmed dates are as follows:

04/17 – Oslo, Norway @ Inferno Fest
04/18 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Metal Magic Organization
04/19 – Helsinki, Finland @ Prkl club
04/20 – Sweden
04/25 – Barroselas, Portugal @ SWR
04/26 – Madrid, Spain
06/06 – United Kingdom
06/07 – Italy
06/09 – Köln, Germany
06/10 – Oberhausen, Germany
06/13 – Berlin, Germany
06/14 – Poznan or Warszaw, Poland
06/15 – Legacy Festival