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Drowned free download on

October 19th, 2012

Metal Web portal Pure Grain Audio have made available for download the track “The Payback Engine” from the band Drowned off the album “Belligerent I.” The track can be download for free at this location.

The Brazilian Death Metal outfit Drowned has released on September 4 the follow up to 2011’s Belligerent Part II full-length. The new album is actually a prequel to last year’s release and is aptly entitled Belligerent Part I. The album contains ten official tracks as well as two bonus tracks. From a stylistic perspective, Belligerent Pat One follows the pattern found in Belligerent Part One of pure technical Death/Thrash Metal terror mixing the styles found in bands such as Carcass, and Kreator. However, this new album spirals the band down a darker path with themes that lay bare the festered wounds of war such as misery, hunger, humiliation, revenge, and corruption.

The album was produced by the band themselves. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Marcos Amorim (guitars); all booklet artwork was designed by Fernando Lima (vocals) who has provided graphic design work for classic Brazilian metal bands such as Sarcófago, Sex Trash and many others.