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As in many corners of the world, Metal in Brazil was growing at an amazing speed in the late 80s, especially in the city of Belo Horizonte, home of Cogumelo Records. Chakal played a pivotal role in the development of city’s important metal scene and thankfully is still around today to tell the story. Along with Sarcófago, Sepultura, Holocausto, and Mutilator, Chakal was part of the very first wave of Cogumelo bands. And, as it came to be expected from bands in that scene, their sound was dirty, brutal and no-frills. Their contribution to Brazilian metal cannot be overstated.

Chakal was formed in early 1985 by William Wiz, Destroyer and Mark, with a distinguished and aggressive vocal by Sgôto. After the usual lineup changes the band recruited Vladimir Korg for lead vocals. The band was soon asked by Cogumelo Records to participate in a compilation album: The now cult as fuck Warfare Noise I, which also included Sarcófago, Holocausto and Mutilator. Chakal’s line-up at this time was: Korg (vocals), Mark (guitars), Destroyer (bass), Necromancer (guitars) and William Wiz (drums).

In August 1987, Chakal recorded its first full length album. Cogumelo Records released Abominable Anno Domini in October of that same year. The band returned to the studio in October 1988, in order to record a single with two songs. The project Living with the Pigs was a landmark release in Brazil on account of its originality.

In April 1989 Korg left Chakal to enter a very successful period with The Mist.

Without its charismatic front man, Chakal carried on and released the album The Man Is His Own Jackal with Marcelo L. on vocals. The band also released, in 1991, the album Death Is a Lonely Business and went in a long hiatus. After many years of silence, Chakal decided to resume its activities, changing its line-up and recruiting once again vocalist Vladimir Korg. Two albums have come out of this new incarnation, Deadland and Demon King.


Chakal – Demon King by greyhazerecords


Music Video – Possessed Landscape

Music Video – Flowers on Your Grave


Chakal – Demon King CD

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