Greyhaze Records: a metal record label based in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Drowned was first conceived in 1994 with an agenda to pursue a Thrash and traditional Heavy Metal influenced breed of Death Metal.

The band released its only demo tape, “Where dark and light divide” in 1999. This first work was well promoted worldwide. It received good reviews and support from fans. As a result, the band made many contacts and signed a deal with Cogumelo Records. At that time, the band was formed by Fernando Lima (vocals), Marcos Amorim (guitars), Rafael Porto (guitars), Beto Loureiro (drums) and Rodrigo Nunes (bass).

In 2001, the band released its first full length CD entitled “Bonegrinder”. The album was a landmark in the band’s career allowing it to do a tour in its home country of Brazil. However, the tour was interrupted abruptly, due to a serious car accident suffered by guitarist Marcos Amorim.

The band released the EP “Back From Hell” in 2002, gathering demo recordings, covers, new versions of old stuff, and brand new songs. The band resumed touring after Amorim’s recovery.

“Butchery Age” was released in 2003. It was the last album with guitar player Rafael Porto. A 9-month tour was booked, covering all of Brazil. By the end of the tour the band had a new guitar player, Kerley Ribeiro.

“By the Grace of Evil”, the band’s most elaborated work up to that point, was released in 2004. The tour that followed was not as lengthy as before, but it was still immensely successful.

In 2006, bass player Rodrigo Nunes left the band. A few months later Drowned recorded the album “Bio-Violence”, featuring Wesley Ribeiro on bass. The following tour was the longest of the band’s career, covering Brazil and Europe.

In 2008, after the European tour, Drowned focused on preparing its 10 year anniversary album, which was promoted with many virtual releases and gifts for the fans.

In 2009, the band released the double album “Box of Bones”, which comprised a CD with unreleased tracks and rare material, as well as a DVD with videos and many live performances, including some from the European tour. The band is now getting ready for the release of its upcoming album Belligerent.


Drowned – The War Remains The Same by greyhazerecords


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