Greyhaze Records: a metal record label based in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Impurity’s mysterious and highly noxious Black Metal musical approach stems from a funebrial agenda where only one path lays ahead: that of black magic achieved through a vividly satanic and radical stance towards hypocritical terrestrial matters. When thinking of Impurity, bands like Sarcófago, Blasphemy, and Darkthrone come to mind.
Impurity is band that produced its first releases after the first wave of Brazilian Metal had already begun. In a time when many bands had shed their Black and Death Metal roots in favor of a more “palatable” thrash approach, this band decided to go wholly against the current, setting loose a voracious monster that showed a proverbial middle finger to all false trends of the time. Thus were born Black Metal classics such as Guests of the Infernal Pit (demo) and The Lamb’s Fury (Full Length). Both releases have stood the test of time proudly flying the Brazilian Black Metal flag of utter and unapologetically putrid productions. Impurity is active to this day and continues to lay devastation through their live sets as well as their latest album, Necro Infamists of Tumulus Return.
The band’s releases are available on CD via Cogumelo/Greyhaze with special reissues to follow soon.


Impurity – Sabat by greyhazerecords


Impurity – The Lamb’s Fury CD

Impurity – Necro Infamists of Tumulus Return CD

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